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Microsoft SQL Server

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Our experts are Microsoft certified specialists.
We are a trusted business partner for over 30 years.
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. Its primary function is storing, retrieving and processing data as requested by other applications.

SQL Server is the backbone of many of the most powerful database management systems. It can scale from serving just a few users, to providing data to tens of thousands of people - it can supply data for a small web site or for a multinational bank.

CompuWork has been using SQL Server for building custom database solutions since the early 1990s. We have used it to store data for desktop and enterprise business applications, to power web sites and to move data between offices spread across the country. We utilize SQL Server views, stored procedures, scheduled jobs, data replication, data import and export to and from other Microsoft products (e.g. MS Access, MS Excel).

Through SQL stored procedures and querying optimization we have been able to drastically reduce the processing time of complex reports and queries in many systems, sometimes cutting the performance down from hours to just seconds. SQL Server is powerful enough to store images, audio and video – we can also index and search your text documents.

We have built custom solutions where we linked SQL Server to not only other MS Office programs like Excel, Outlook and Word but to accounting and document management systems as well.

When you choose CompuWork to build your custom database solution using SQL Server you are dealing with professionals who have decades of hands-on SQL Server experience.