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BC Hydro - Non Integrated Area (Surrey, BC)


The non-integrated area, more commonly referred to as the Remote Diesel Generation Group, operates a series of prime power and standby power plants in remote areas of British Columbia. Production is by means of large diesel-powered gensets, which consume prodigious quantities of fuel and lubricating oil and whose operating and maintenance history must be diligently tracked to ensure the high degree of reliability demanded.

The Challenge:

  • Design and build a comprehensive management information system, the Diesel Information and Utility Comparison (DIUC) system. In addition to tracking such mundane bits of information as fuel storage capacities and lube oil inventories, the system captures consumption metrics. When factored against operating statistics for time and output, consumption metrics yield a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) which enable the group to compare the performance of their equipment and operating practices against those of their peers in remote areas elsewhere, such as Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand and northwest Ontario.

  • Introduce a centralized, ordered and consistent repository of information into the midst of many diverse existing information flows and reporting practices - while at the same time reducing the effort required of both providers and consumers of that information.

The Solution:

Together with client’s project team, CompuWork analyzed the available data sources, designed appropriate data structures and established linkages to capture desired bits of information from the available data flows. An extensive and rich reporting and charting module was then constructed to exploit and present the information thus organized. Specific tasks performed were:

  • Design and implementation of an appropriate database.

  • Design and implementation of a highly-optimized user-interface to facilitate the entry of a vast array of data pertaining to equipment and equipment parts, operation, production, maintenance and more.

  • Interfacing the database to a third-party remote monitoring system, from which serialized data streams of raw production metrics and operational exceptions were parsed to isolate and construct summarized events and to extract point-in-time values.

  • Development of an extensive collection of reports and charts, exploiting SQL methods to roll up production statistics across many dimensions.

  • In 2007 CompuWork enabled BCH to leverage and protect its original investment by upgrading the database from MS Access to SQL Server, and by migrating the reporting/charting application from Excel to SQL Reporting, thus making these 100+ reports/charts available to all Hydro employees using a browser-based interface via the workgroup’s page on the company’s intranet.

Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Office (Access, Excel), Microsoft Internet Information Server, HTML, ASP, SQL Server 2005, SQL Reporting Services, ASP.NET.

  • Windows NT / Windows 2000 Server, Win 9x / Windows 2000 Professional clients.