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Heffel Fine Art Auction House (Vancouver, BC)


Heffel Fine Art Auction House is the largest art dealer in Canada. They cover the entire country and have offices in all major cities.

The Challenge:

  • Develop a custom application and database for the company's day-to-day operations and client interaction.

  • Develop a custom application for running Heffel's live and online auctions.

  • Develop a custom application for managing artwork shipments.

  • Develop code to securely and automatically synchronize the internal database with the website database in the DMZ.

  • Develop Heffel's website. Make it work on all devices and browsers currently on the market.

  • Make our custom applications work on Heffel’s wide area network spanning across the country.

The Solution:

CompuWork Pacific provided a comprehensive solution. Specific tasks performed were:

  • Analysis of the Heffel Fine Art Auction House business model and design of an appropriate database and systems.

  • Design and implementation of a 3-tier application model which separates the user interface from the business rules and database.

  • Design and implementation of an efficient user interface to ensure best performance when running over low bandwidth, wide area connections.

  • Design and implementation of a bi-directional data synchronization model, with enforcement of business process rules and automation of business processes.

Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)